Take a Tour Through Pucker Up’s Uncanny “Utopia” – AdHoc

Take a Tour Through Pucker Up’s Uncanny “Utopia”

It includes a multiplying army of distorted bodies.

On “Utopia,” Boston-based duo Pucker Up play as if they were a wind-up toy, which is to say they let loose to deliver a kinetic and nervous performance. The rawness and repetition align with that of no wave-leaning contemporaries like Palberta, Palm, and DOG, yet Pucker Up’s rhythms and overblown tones resemble something more robotic. In this sense, James Patrick Meyer’s (of Red Sea and Hellier Ulysses) video is a perfect accompaniment for “Utopia” the song: it pictures a bizarre deconstruction of the human body set in an uncanny valley of digital trickery and manipulated forms. When the track’s groove temporarily breaks down, so does the humanoid figure on screen, multiplying into an unsettling army of distorted bodies. The video thus creates an alternate reality of sorts—what this song would look like if it were blasted to the outer reaches of the internet. Pucker Up’s achievement is grounding the listener in our own world through the sheer physicality of their composition. Truly refreshing and galvanizing.

You can listen to the Utopia EP, out now on Designer Medium, here.