Stream Dominic’s Dreamy Debut, Goodnight, Doggies. – AdHoc

Stream Dominic’s Dreamy Debut, Goodnight, Doggies.

The dynamic artist settles into a sound of his own on this lovely album.  

Dominic Angelella has worn many costumes: co-songwriter in Philadelphia rock outfit Lithuania, session musician for rap juggernaut Kendrick Lamar, and even producer for iconoclast Lil B. On Goodnight, Doggies., his debut album under his own name, Dominic looks to have finally settled down in plain clothes. From the lilting bass and drum pulses of “Basilisk” to the classically charming balladry of “Birthday Song,” Dominic effortlessly situates himself in a singer-songwriter tradition of spare instrumentation, pop sensibility, and smiling earnestness. That isn’t to say that Goodnight, Doggies. rings insubstantial or flits by forgettably—Dominic wrestles with loneliness on closer “Anxiety Coma” and goads “venture capitalists in a safety net” on fuzzy highlight “Emotional Business” (“do you despise yourself? he taunts). But he always spit-shines the record’s underlying turbulences and traumas with a defiant smile. Despite the brevity of Goodbye, Doggies., Dominic sounds unhurried, at ease. He appears to fit comfortably in this newest, most genuine outift. And it looks great on him, too.

Goodbye, Doggies. is out now on Lame-O Records. Dominic celebrates his record release with Norwegian Arms, Bueno, and Triathlon at The Gateway on February 4th.