Listen to a Track from Multa Nox’s Lustrous New EP

Sally Decker’s dreamy new track transforms word into something sumptuous and delectable.

Lilting without lull, Multa Nox‘s latest track from her upcoming full-length Living Pearl, lusters. Propelled by a gentle momentum of clicks and sputters, the dreamy “i have not whispered everything i can bear” inhabits a milky sonic space lacquered with a textural richness of drone tones and vocal ornamentation. In this space, Brooklyn-based sound artist Sally Decker bathes her composition in a softness inflected with an incantatory grandiosity that swells along with the inertia of the gingerly shifting drone. The exact words that she utters remain blanketed in a gentle ambiguity: what flickers in and out could be some permutation of the words “just” and “end”—only the phonemic traces stand out amid the wash of sound.

Language, enunciated in Decker’s whispers, becomes disentangled from signification, becomes vibration, becomes physical. And with that, her whispers bear an enormous weight: the ability to transform words into something sumptuous, something delectable.

Multa Nox’s LP Living Pearl is out June 2 on NNA Tapes. Stream “i have not whispered everything i can bear” below.