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Mr. Mitch Talks About Key Releases on Gobstopper Records

Label boss lists most important releases on Gobstopper Records this year.

AdHoc got Mr. Mitch, electronic producer and label boss at Gobstopper Records, to compile a list of some of the most important releases on his label ahead of his show May 20 at Sunnyvale. Check out these choice cuts from Gobstopper below.

I launched Gobstopper Records in 2010 as a way to release music from myself and other artists that I feel weren’t getting the exposure they deserved. At the time, there were a bunch of producers creating grime instrumentals with no intention for an MC or vocal. Over the years, we continued to push the sound and release club experimentations from across the board. I’ve picked out a few of the key releases/artist to check as an introduction.

1. Bloom – Quartz (2012) 
I think this release was the catalyst for a lot of what was to come. It’s still receiving support from the likes of Bjork and Aphex Twin.

2. Mr. Mitch – The Room Where I Belong (2014)
The was an important release for me as it was the beginning of a move to creative freedom.

3. Dark0 – Fate EP (2014) 
I’m excited to see what comes from him next—this Square Enix-inspired EP was a beauty.

4. Iglew – Urban Myth (2015)
Dark0 was actually the person that put me on to Iglew. His stuff blew me away, and Urban Myth and Sleep Lighter are still regular fixtures in my sets.

5. Loom – European Heartache (2016)
Loom is a Gobstopper mainstay—he released his debut with us in 2014, and his sound continues to evolve over the years. A mixture beautiful melancholy and dizzying beats on this one.

6. Odeko – A History With Samus (2016)
The debut EP from Odeko, and one of my favourite releases on the label. Beautiful crafted melodies, truly immersive music.

7. Clu – Mood EP (2016)
Clu’s music is influenced by many things: trance, R&B, grime and video game music being the most obvious reference points to me. When they approached me with their music it really spoke to me. Their live AV show brings it all to another level.

8. Tarquin – Grease (2017)
We have a small run of single releases out this year from Odeko, Tarquin, and Lloyd SB, with this one from Tarquin being the latest. This track has been circulating in club land for a few years now, so I’m happy to finally get it to wax.

The Future: Orlando
A new signing (fka Orlando Volcano), the New York based artist will release an EP with us this summer. For a taster of what he’s all about, listen to his recent Rinse FM Show.

Mr. Mitch‘s second album Devout was released April 21 on Planet Mu
He will be playing Saturday May 20 at Sunnyvale with Mumdance and Shy Eyez.