“All We Have To Be Thankful For” Makes Us Thankful for Gold Dime – AdHoc

“All We Have To Be Thankful For” Makes Us Thankful for Gold Dime

Andry Ambro merges her technical ability with a drummer’s intuition in new track.

As a sound engineer by trade, Gold Dime‘s Andrya Ambro knows what sounds good. And on “All We Have To Be Thankful For,” Ambro merges this technical know-how with a drummer’s intuition, delivering a salvo showcasing both mechanical mastery as well as an ear for melody. The track, immersed in its propulsive clamor, chugs forward over the course of its nearly 6-minute runtime, marching with the thrust of Ambro’s drum line atop a bouncing a capella beat. Interspersed with stabs of guitar feedback, this motion takes on a distinctly heavy feel, a thickness of distortion and clanking momentum.

As Gold Dime’s Twitter announces, thinking of the band as “The Residents, only more intimate and on fire” reiterates the heaviness tinged with playfulness, the jesterly seriousness that plays out throughout the bends and twists of “All We Have To Be Thankful For.” Undergoing instrumental changes, fadeouts, and tone shifts, the track is an exercise in process and progress. As Ambro chants, “we can find the mystery:” “All We Have To Be Thankful For” dramatizes a self-directed probing into what makes the band tick. And with Ambro’s measured hand on the pulse, it’s easy to “pull up a seat” and watch as she confidently strides into exciting new musical terrain.

Join Gold Dime in celebrating Fire Talk‘s release of Nerves June 3 at Alphaville. Stream “All We Have To Be Thankful For” below to prepare for the show!