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Photo Gallery: Anand Wilder at National Sawdust

Anand Wilder takes the National Sawdust stage for his solo debut album release show.

Last night, multi-instrumentalist songwriter Anand Wilder performed in Brooklyn ahead of the release of his new solo debut album I Don’t Know My Words, with opening set support from New York-based artist Jachary.

Anand Wilder’s reputation as a talented multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter emerged in the Brooklyn indie rock scene of the late 2000s, where he joined his Yeasayer bandmates in painting an eclectic palette of synths, strings, and harmonies that defined the band’s acclaimed psychedelic worldbeat and swerving electro-pop experiments.

Check out the photos below, courtesy of photographer Qbertplaya.

Anand Wilder at National Sawdust – 4/30/22:

Jachary at National Sawdust – 4/30/22: