Macula Dog Paint The World Wild On “Lawnmower” – AdHoc

Macula Dog Paint The World Wild On “Lawnmower”

New York City electronic four-piece Macula Dog are, frankly, pretty absurd. On their debut LP, the amazingly titled Why Do You Look Like Your Dog?, Macula Dog ask the age old questions do we begin to look like our dog or do we select a dog that looks like us? I know what you’re wondering: will WDYLLYD reveal the answers? Stay tuned, sportsfans, but the prognosis is… well… pretty good.

On “Lawnmower,” the first single from the record, Macula Dog offers some freaky lyrics detailing life as a cow being led to and through slaughter: “Starting from the back of the book/The anonymous donor/Ran me over with the mower/And now I’m hung with no hook/Rest your head on the pillow/Glass roof above you/No floor below/Grass fed & drive-thru window/Choked by invisible hands.” The quartet’s zany electronic backdrop provides a whimsical canvas, but upon lyrical inspection, it only provides a more accurate, terrifying rendering of the American eating experience. Look at how fun this is—you can fingerpaint with the blood on your hands!

Why Do You Look Like Your Dog? is out August 12 on Wharf Cat Records.