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Jefre Cantu-Ledesma Returns with “Love’s Refrain”

With his project Tarentel, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma broke dozens of genre rules while forging a distinct path for the future of post-rock. Later he would go on to continue his experiments working on a multitude of albums with memorable acts such as The Alps, Portraits, and especially his collaborations with Grouper’s Liz Harris under their Raum moniker. Even under his name alone, Cantu-Ledesma has created a canon out of mythologizing love and loss: three of his previous solo outings, 2014’s Songs of Remembrance and Songs of Forgiveness, followed by 2015’s A Year with 13 Moons, all revolve around a united theme of love and its consequences. His latest release, In Summer, finds him furthering his emotional explorations, especially through first single “Love’s Refrain.” A masterful blend of Cocteau Twins’ Heaven or Las Vegas-esque drum machine, layer upon layer of guitar work, and dizzying tape decay, Cantu-Ledesma perfectly manifests his identity as a celestial form, a vessel for heartbreaking, emotionally charged sonic displays. Paul Clipson’s video perfectly summarizes the environmental elements available in the song, swirling deciduous and coastal locales into one disorienting fireworks display. “Love’s Refrain” continues Cantu-Ledesma’s thematic evolution, where a plant can receive a sun’s love with no physical form, and the listener can experience loss with no pain.

In Summer is available August 7 on Geographic North.