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Listen To Pissed Jeans’ New Single, “Ignorecam”

“Ignorecam” continues Pissed Jeans’ takedown of male toxicity.

Philly post-hardcore vets Pissed Jeans have been at it for a decade and change, but they insist on speaking to the now—even when the “now” falls outside of the antiquated romantic vocabulary of rock n roll. “Ignorecam,” is the newest single from their forthcoming record, Why Love Now. Where their previous single, “The Bar Is Low” spoke to the ubiquity of abuse among famous and powerful men, “Ignorecam” hones in on the proliferation of fetish cam shows where men pay women “to be ignored.” The track pummels the listener with a seemingly endless procession riff, sounding something like a boulder tumbling down a mountain side. The band will be touring in support of Why Love Now starting next month, stopping at Brooklyn Bazaar on February 24.

Listen to “Ignorecam” below. Why Love Now is due out February 24 via Sub Pop.