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Dudes Need to Stop Being Assholes: Matt Korvette of Pissed Jeans Discusses Toxic Masculinity

Dudes Need to Stop Being Assholes: Matt Korvette of Pissed Jeans Discusses Toxic Masculinity Illustration by Samuel Nigrosh

This article appears in AdHoc Issue 18.

Romance and masculinity have been enduring fascinations for Philadelphia-based punk band Pissed Jeans, from their 2007 Sub Pop debut Hope for Men to the upcoming Why Love Now, out February 24. In advance of the band’s record release show at Brooklyn Bazaar that same night, we asked frontman Matt Korvette what contemporary straight men are getting wrong about relationships and other social behavior.

AdHoc: Several of Pissed Jeans’ records explore the ins and outs of modern masculinity. What draws you to this topic?

Matt Korvette: I’ve always been fascinated by myself, my motivations, and being a man. It’s probably a bit narcissistic, even if I’m being self-critical, but my lyrics for the band have pretty much always been based on things in my life that I’m actively pondering, curious about, angry about, or sad about. And my identity and how I fit into the world has always been a part of that. I also enjoy taking shots at guys and the generic vision of masculinity, since it’s a ripe target for criticism and I don’t think it gets nearly enough grief—especially from people who fit within it.


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Listen To Pissed Jeans' New Single, "Ignorecam"

Listen To Pissed Jeans' New Single, Photography by Ebru Yildiz

Philly post-hardcore vets Pissed Jeans have been at it for a decade and change, but they insist on speaking to the now—even when the “now” falls outside of the antiquated romantic vocabulary of rock n roll. “Ignorecam,” is the newest single from their forthcoming record, Why Love Now. Where their previous single, “The Bar Is Low” spoke to the ubiquity of abuse among famous and powerful men, “Ignorecam” hones in on the proliferation of fetish cam shows where men pay women “to be ignored.” The track pummels the listener with a seemingly endless procession riff, sounding something like a boulder tumbling down a mountain side. The band will be touring in support of Why Love Now starting next month, stopping at Brooklyn Bazaar on February 24.


Listen to “Ignorecam” below. Why Love Now is due out February 24 via Sub Pop.


Pissed Jeans Announces 2017 Tour Dates

Pissed Jeans Announces 2017 Tour Dates Photography by Ebru Yildiz

Post-hardcore rockers Pissed Jeans announced tour dates in support of their forthcoming fifth LP Why Love Now. The Philadelphia foursome will do a brief run of the east coast in support of the record and will make their way to Brooklyn on February 24 for a performance at Brooklyn Bazaar. The five-show tour will additionally take Pissed Jeans to Washington D.C., Somerville, MA, before wrapping back at their Philly homebase on March 11, with more cities to be announced at a later date. 

Listen to Pissed Jeans' growling single "The Bar Is Low" below. Why Love Now is out February 24 on Sub Pop.

Pissed Jeans: "Cathouse"

Pissed Jeans:

It's a brand new week, and to kick the doors open to your nine-to-five grind are Philadelphia punks, Pissed Jeans. "Cathouse" is the second single from their raucous, free-for-all Honeys, their third for Sub Pop. "Cathouse"--along with first single "Bedroom Laughter"-- are two tight stabs of rock, driven with reckless abandon by Matt Korvette's vocal acrobatics. I have no idea if "Cathouse" is wrapped up in metaphor about relationships or society, or if it really is a torch-lit anthem for everyone whose lungs close the second they're around a cat. Either way, "Cathouse" is a hell of a way to kick off the week.

Honeys is due out February 12th on Sub Pop. Download "Cathouse" here.