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Leapling Announce ‘Killing Time’ EP, Release Single “Tunnelvision”

The NYC-based songwriter releases a breezy exploration of ennui and drifting through life.

Title Fight Plot East Coast Tour

Pennsylvania punks Title Fight kick off 2017 with some east coast tour dates.

Savoy Motel Unleash Funky Party Rock

The Nashville four-piece uses a 1970’s Rhythm King drum machine to finesse their funky sound.

Stream Bueno’s New LP Illuminate Your Room

Last week, Bueno released Illuminate Your Room, their 2nd full-length, on Exploding In Sound and Babe City Records.

Watch Ryley Walker’s Wistful Video For “The Roundabout”

Earlier this month, Ryley Walker shared “The Roundabout”, a flowing Americana jam inspired by a Wisconsin bar he had frequented with his family.

Stream Brett Naucke’s ‘Executable Dreamtime’ tape on Umor Rex

Chicago synthesist Brett Naucke is one of the more vital cornerstones of experimental music. Through his work running the impeccable Catholic Tapes imprint, operating a number of collaborative efforts (Druids of Huge, Exercise), and recording under his solo Face Worker alias, Naucke has curated and perpetuated beautifully bizarre music from the fringe. Now, Naucke returns […]

Macula Dog Paint The World Wild On “Lawnmower”

New York City electronic four-piece Macula Dog are, frankly, pretty absurd. On their debut LP, the amazingly titled Why Do You Look Like Your Dog?, Macula Dog ask the age old questions do we begin to look like our dog or do we select a dog that looks like us? I know what you’re wondering: […]

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma Returns with “Love’s Refrain”

With his project Tarentel, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma broke dozens of genre rules while forging a distinct path for the future of post-rock. Later he would go on to continue his experiments working on a multitude of albums with memorable acts such as The Alps, Portraits, and especially his collaborations with Grouper’s Liz Harris under their Raum […]

Ultimate Painting Up The Gentle Psychedelia On New Scorcher

Ultimate Painting’s first LP, a self-titled heterogeneous collection of The Byrds meets VU era Velvet Underground nuggets, saw James Hoare and Jack Cooper trading songs. While Ultimate Painting provided insight into the band’s love of gentle guitars and poetic musings, their sophomore record, Green Lanes, saw the duo’s grip on individual craftsmanship loosening up. Like […]

Ryley Walker Shares Cyclical Jam “The Roundabout” in Advance of New LP

At some point on tour, while playing a show in Amsterdam, Ryley Walker, a prodigious guitarist and scholar of Americana, found himself thinking about a bar in Wisconsin he used to frequent with his family. The bar is the namesake for “The Roundabout,” a new track from his upcoming record, Golden Sings That Have Been […]

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