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Tredici Bacci Channel the Neo-Noir on Debut Amore Per Tutti

Simon Hanes’ cinematic project creates songs that sound like they came out of 1960s Europe.

David Lynch once said of the song “Blue Velvet”, “there was something mysterious about it. It made me think about things. And the first things I thought about were lawns—lawns and the neighborhood.” It’s the same sort of mystery that intrigues guitarist Simon Hanes and his cinematic project Tredici Bacci. Hanes has long been obsessed with film soundtracks coming out of 1960s/70s Europe, and it shows — the music is noir, mysterious, otherworldly, and deeply nostalgic. While one could safely assume that Tredici Bacci’s debut LP, Amore Per Tutti, was written and released in Western Europe forty years ago, it’s the synthesis of musical styles across time and geography that brings the music to life. On “Drowned (featuring Jennifer Charles)”, the Elysian Fields vocalist’s foreboding performance is met with Spaghetti-western whistles, a muted trumpet, and even an accordion line. It’s a chanteuse and guitarist in a dim club, perhaps a spotlight paints their shadows softly swaying on the stage, crooning for lost love and a broken heart.

Amore Per Tutti is out November 11 on NNA Tapes. Catch Tredici Bacci at their record release show on November 12 along with Rhys Chatham & Oneida.