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Savoy Motel Unleash Funky Party Rock

The Nashville four-piece uses a 1970’s Rhythm King drum machine to finesse their funky sound.

Savoy Motel is a four-piece outfit from Nashville, blurring influences of funk, blues, and raw garage rock into something surprisingly refined. At the core of the band is a 1970’s Rhythm King drum machine, providing a computer-controlled clock to lead the band to groovy, funky harmony. Bassist and producer Jeffery Novak told guitarists Mimi Galbierz and Dillon Watson to “play more like Jimi and Clapton,” and the sentiment burns through. Shimmering and gaudy guitar solos pepper the band’s self-titled debut, but never to the point of cheesiness. The standout track from the album is the nine-minute long “International Language,” the first half of which is a distorted, fuzzy, and languid jam before the second half snaps into fresh and driving funk. Next month Savoy Motel will bring the party to Brooklyn for a special show at Market Hotel with fellow Nashville heroes Natural Child on November 10.

Savoy Motel is out October 21 on Whats Your Rupture? Records.