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Check Out Beef Jerk’s Recipe for “Soup of The Onion”

Though associated with the Australian “dolewave” scene, a joke genre descriptor for artists like Dick Diver or Courtney Barnett that offer jangly guitars and relaxed melodies, Beef Jerk add a bit of jazz influence to the mix. While the band obviously benefits from serious pop songwriting chops, on “Soup of the Onion,” Millie Hall’s saxophone makes a welcome guest appearance, fluttering into the tail end of the track’s one-minute-and-change. Rather than overpower the song’s strong hook and gentle rhythm, Hall provides a flash of flavor, foregrounding Beef Jerk’s comical slice-of-life lyrics, relaying quick nothings of smoking, talking about girls, partying, and working at the fishery. I mean… its title is an ode to onion soup. What did you expect?

Tragic is out July 8 on Trouble in Mind Records.