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Aaron Dilloway and Bill Nace Team Up for the BAND EP

“The slower the clock, the nearer it approximated the infinitely gradual and majestic progression of cosmic time.” Such is the line by J.G. Ballard quoted by Matt Krefting as a metaphor for BAND EP, two collaborative 13-minute tracks between Aaron Dilloway and Bill Nace, originally released as a cassette on Krefting’s Silver Lining label last year. […]

Alex G and Rachel Giannascoli Talk About Beach Music, Artistic Development, and Vincent Van Gogh

Siblings Alex G and Rachel Giannascoli talk about their seamless creative partnership.

“Just Bands That Are On Our Level”: A Conversation with Reed and Adam of New York’s Alright

New York’s Alright fully embraces the DIY ethos.

Bleached Out: Actress’ Ghettoville and the Decay of the Afro-Future

Actress’ fourth release has been called difficult and impenetrable. It has a droning, fragmented quality that some even call unlistenable. This distancing technique, which alienates and isolates the audience, has echoes with the art of playwright Bertolt Brecht, a person who cared far more deeply about using the stage a place for political outreach than […]

A Conversation with Nite Jewel and Woo

The following is a conversation between Ramona Gonzalez of Nite Jewel and Clive Ives of the cult British duo Woo. Their intimate synth pop record from 1989, It’s Cosy Inside, was recently reissued by Drag City and was an inspirational record to Ramona.

RE: Dear John Maus: How Are You?

John Maus responds!—in 24,000 words, no less. 

Dear John Maus: How Are You?

Ric Leichtung pens an open letter to John Maus.

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