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Anemone’s “Memory Lane” Is A Blissful, Sunny Trip

In the video for “Memory Lane,” director Laura-Lynn Petrick captures Chloé Soldevila’s vision of golden summers past.

In the video for “Memory Lane,” a song from Montreal psych-pop outfit Anemone, we see frontwoman Chloé Soldevila and friends meandering through a park, where they paddle across a pond and kiss butterflies and ride a motorcycle and hand-feed llamas (alpacas?) and caress statues and walk in the middle of rural, forested roads.

“The music video is a magical friendship story which has outlived the song,” Soldevila told AdHoc via email. “My goal was to honour the joyous summer days I spend in the eastern townships of Quebec. We didn’t have to pretend [to] depict the joyous days, we actually lived them, all the while [director] Laura-Lynn [Petrick] had her camera armed for action. We had so many fun adventures, and she managed to catch all the unscripted beauty on film.”

A song from the group’s upcoming album, Beat My Distance—out February 15 via Royal Mountain Records—“Memory Lane” is Anemone at their loosest and tightest: free-flowing and atmospheric, yet steady and controlled. The group wears its musical influences on its sleeve (or, in this video, on Soldevila’s delightfully long gloves), floating somewhere between the kaleidoscopic bounce of Mild High Club, the fuzzy power-pop of CULTS, and the lackadaisical reflection of Mac Demarco. Petrick’s artistic choices—rooted in analogue photography—highlight these summery influences. Recurring shots include glistening water, rustling foliage, hazy sun glares, and pensive stares. Like the song itself, the video shimmers with a nostalgic glow.

By the song’s end, Soldevila’s honey vocals turn over to a trippy instrumental outro that makes the first half feel like a distant memory. “The outro of the song acts as a lullaby; a soothing, melodic repetition that breaths a fantasy of slowly building the inner-strength to accept that those memories can no longer be the future,” said Soldevila. “Passionate events that once seemed stronger than anything slowly fade away as your inner strength grows. It is a powerful feeling.”

Catch Anemone at Baby’s All Right on February 13, with support from Champagne Superchillin’ and Hypoluxo.