Zina Combines Pop Music and Longing On “Vacation” – AdHoc

Zina Combines Pop Music and Longing On “Vacation”

The pop artist shares the latest single off her forthcoming EP, Furniture.

Furniture, Zina’s debut EP, sees both the best in pop songwriting and a gut-wrenching longing. According to Night People’s website, the EP’s six songs were written from the perspective of “a divorced housewife [who] still had it.” On Furniture’s first single “Vacation,” Zina portrays the soon-to-be-divorcee attempting to draw her lover into an escape plan. “We’ll leave our troubles behind, and those papers on the table you did not sign,” she implores, before suggesting an alternative—“Let’s take a vacation. Where you go, I’ll go.” It’s idyllic and memorable, but proves unrealistic for the narrator, even buttressed by all the major key soundscapes and hooks housed in Zina’s impressive arsenal. It’s unfortunate for the character, but the rest of us have these pop bangers, so… it’s pretty sick.

Furniture is out January 10 on Night People Records.