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YOU. Share Murky Visions in Video for “Hagion”

Check it out here! 

Post-punk outfit YOU. recently left the busier confines of New York City and moved to frontman Trever Millay’s hometown of Detroit to record their latest LP, Bouquet. They seem to have benefitted from the change in urban scenery, with a bigger studio space and fewer stresses to compete with writing and recording. Still, the ominous video for “Hagion” trudges through dreary soundscapes suggestive of urban decay. The track begins by layering synths and guitar strumming on top of a churning bassline; bursts of drum beats punctuate the drum machine percussion. A bleak kaleidoscope lights up the screen as a toy doll floats in and out of the frame, and Millay broods, “We slave and we fight / For you, now.” Then the bassline rises, the strumming stops, and YOU. suggest light at the end of this tunnel. Whirring walls of sound sweep in and out, and more complex guitar layers on. But the original bassline returns, guitars strum monotone once again, and YOU. fall back into the murky depths from which the track began: “Without you, again / Without you, my friend.”

Bouquet is out now on Avant! Records. YOU. returns to New York City on February 9 for a show at Brooklyn Night Bazaar with Black Marble and Uniform.