Don’t Miss Tirzah’s Performance at POP Montreal – AdHoc

Don’t Miss Tirzah’s Performance at POP Montreal

This Thursday, join AdHoc for a special appearance by the R&B sweetheart – to celebrate, she made us a playlist of songs that inspire her.

The 18th annual POP Montreal arrives this week, blessing our Canadian neighbors with Shakespearean theatrical cyber-comedies, fascinating art exhibitions, and, most importantly, R&B singer-songwriter Tirzah! After unveiling her dreamy debut, Devotion, last year, the UK native received an influx of praise for her idiosyncratic sound, which vibrates with a pleasant tranquility that makes the emotional complexities underneath all the more disarming. On Thursday, September 26, AdHoc is excited to co-present an extra-special performance from Tirzah at the festival; in fact, it’s the final date of her North American tour this year.

Devotion sent waves through the underground pop world upon its release, earning a Best New Music designation from Pitchfork for its “compelling vision of what imperfect pop music can be—joyful in both sound and feeling precisely because both seem so out-of-step and asymmetrical.” The album’s melodies are consistent in their chaos, immersing the listener into a full-body experience that feels almost spiritual.

Sadly, visa complications prevented her first U.S. tour from coming into fruition this year, leading to a plethora of cancelled dates. So if you’ve been waiting to catch Tirzah live, now is your chance – tickets are still available here.

Her performance is sure to be an ethereal break from reality. To prepare, check out what Tirzah’s been listening to lately with this playlist she curated just for AdHoc:

1. Brother May  –  “Monopoly Den”

Honest stripped-down lyrics. Positive energy. Melodic lines.

2. Lafawnda – “Joseph”

Very powerful, very poetic. 

3. RP Boo – “Speaker R-4 (Sounds)”

Properly gets under your skin. Beat master.

4. Babyfather – “Greezebloc” 

Super natural flow.

5. Coby Sey – “Seed (Our Cells Meet)”

Captivating. Beautiful poise and pace.

6. Speakers Corner Quartet – “Nbscm 3”

 In its own world. Spectacle of sound, thought and feeling. 

7. Robert Wyatt – “Sea Song”

Such inspiring music. 

8. Klein – “Marks of Worship”

Stays with you. So strong.

9. Kwake Bass – “Swazi Planet Vision”

Big fresh feel to this. So many visual qualities to his harmonies and sound.

10. Bob Marley – “Send Me That Love”

Unbelievably beautiful song.

11. Dorothy Ashby – “Soul Vibrations”

Big groove. Wonderful track. 

12. Wu-Lu – “Jaybo”

Effortless delivery. True music maker.