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Hear “Trash,” New Song From Show Me The Body

The hardcore experimentalist group releases new song and video ahead of new, untitled project.

A little over a week after uploading a grainy teaser presumably announcing a new project, Corpus Mixtape, sludgy Queens outfit Show Me the Body has released “the first track” of an as-of-yet unofficial “project on the way.” This opening salvo, titled “Trash,” rekindles the hardcore experimentalists’ pummeling energy of 2016’s Body War. Issuing an uncompromising reminder that “time is of the essence,” “Trash” wastes little time imposing its industrial sawtooth skronk and ruthless immediacy of Julian Cashwan Pratt’s unhinged yawp. “I don’t know what I need,” Pratt snarls, but, judging by this barrage, more Show Me the Body might be exactly what we need this year. In any case, it appears that more details are imminently forthcoming about whatever outburst the band has planned next. Show Me the Body are taking their rage to St. Vitus tonight, January 27, with Slums, Pictureplane, and Deli Girls.

Listen to “Trash” below.