Tether Shares “HA! To Push/Out of Here/Stuck in What” – AdHoc

Tether Shares “HA! To Push/Out of Here/Stuck in What”

Tether forms deeply complex compositions, melding disparate collections of sound sources into cerebral song structures. Tether is the cassette tape loop-based project of Lauren Pakradooni who has previously released work on labels such as Refulgent Sepulcher, Stenze Quo, and Price Tapes. Her first vinyl release Mirror Finishcoming out on Hot Releases, is a collection of sputtering rhythms, and drifting tones that radiate amongst haunting vocals. The first side of the album is a patchwork of tape collages, a melted assemblage of noisy keyboard drones, and skewered percussion. HA! To Push/Out of Here/Stuck in What” accumulates into a disjointed cloud of tones evolving into a densely polyrhythmic soundscape. The wavering oscillations billow beneath Tether’s voice, the repetition becomes hypnotic, and cathartic. Tape reels squeal, and sound splinters as fragments permeate into realms of obscurity.

Mirror Finish is out now on Hot Releases.