Announcing AdHoc’s 2019 SXSW Showcases – AdHoc

Announcing AdHoc’s 2019 SXSW Showcases

Check out AdHoc’s Free For All at SXSW—all ages and no badges required. 

Next week, AdHoc will take over Cheer Up Charlies in Austin to present three showcases at SXSW, all of which are free and badgeless. Artists performing include Japanese pop group CHAI, Brooklyn-based power punks Surfbort, intergalactic synth act Jerry Paper, LA-based singer-songwriter Miya Folick (who we recently interviewed!), and Teklife footworker DJ Taye. Check out the full lineups below and feel free to RSVP here.

Thursday March 14th at Cheer Up Charlies:

12:30 Slow Pulp
1:30 KOKOKO!
2:30 Surfbort
3:30 Bane’s World
4:30 Twen
5:30 Odonis Odonis

12:00 Field Medic
1:00 Black Belt Eagle Scout
2:00 Sidney Gish
3:00 Shy Boys
4:00 T-Rextasy
5:00 Bambara

Friday March 15th at Cheer Up Charlies:

12:30 Public Practice
1:30 Pottery
2:30 Puma Blue
3:30 CHAI
4:30 Jerry Paper
5:30 Flint Eastwood

12:00 Stef Chura
1:00 Valley Maker
2:00 Barrie
3:00 Palberta
4:00 Tasha
5:00 Hovvdy

Saturday March 16th at Cheer Up Charlies:

12:30 Fury
1:30 Video Age
2:30 Anemone
3:30 Her’s
4:30 Mystery Lights
5:30 Marked Men

12:00 Gia Margaret
1:00 Boy Scouts
2:00 Miya Folick
3:00 Yves Jarvis
4:00 Tiny Jag
5:00 DJ Taye