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Shake Chain’s New Video Follows An Amateur Deaf Wrestler Around For a Day

Cain in Chains stars in “Highly Conceptual,” a track from the London post-punk band’s debut EP, Neil Yonge & Bob Doylan Live at Hyde Park.

Will chainmail rompers—that is, rompers made from chainmail—be the breakout fashion trend of 2020? It’s hard to say. But does deaf amateur wrestler Cain In Chains pull off the look? Absolutely.

London experimental post-punk quartet Shake Chain’s new video for “Highly Conceptual”—shot and edited by the band’s synth/bass/samples guru Chris Hopkins and premiering today on AdHoc—follows the wrestler out of the ring as he traverses his hometown of Oxford, England on a sunny day. 

In addition to his chainmail romper (“chomper,” anyone?), Cain wears a shimmering black cape, his name embroidered on it in chains; black knee and elbow bands; a silver fabric mask that appears to be chipping; and whatever the wrestler equivalent of a bonnet is. Black leather gloves—tight and metal-studded with open fingers—complete the look.

“‘Highly Conceptual’ was the first song we came up with for [our debut] EP,” vocalist Kate Mahony tells AdHoc over email. “I guess it’s a tongue-in-cheek laying out of our approach. We were trying to do something different—something conceptual but at the same time well-aware of how cliché that can be.”

The track is a writhing post-punk number that pairs Mahony’s cathartic, all-over-the-place vocals with throbbing bass lines and head-banging drums.

“Elements of this [song] are reflected in the video,” says Mahony. “We intentionally met with an odd mix of styles, and each person brings their own weird bits along—like a deranged melting pot. Cain In Chains perhaps represents the confidence people lack in their own ideas. He’s just getting on with things and striving to live another day on exactly his own terms.”

Shake Chain is also doing things on their own terms. “Highly Conceptual” is one of four anxious, variegated tracks on the band’s debut EP, Neil Yonge & Bob Doylan Live at Hyde Park. (Naturally, it was released the same day that Neil Young and Bob Dylan performed at Hyde Park). In addition to Hopkins and Mahony, Shake Chain is rounded out by Joe Fergey on drums and Robert Eyres splitting synth and guitar duties. Their first cuts have a decidedly avant-garde feel, calling to mind the angular art-pop of Brooklyn locals Gustaf. And as you can tell from the video—much like Gustaf’s Lydia Gammill—they clearly like enjoy blurring the line between music and performance art.

Check out the “Highly Conceptual” video below.

Neil Yonge & Bob Doylan Live at Hyde Park is out now via Permanent Slump.