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Radiator Hospital’s New Video Makes Pancakes Look Scary

Check out the Philly band’s new music video for “My Fire.”

In the unlikely but theoretically possible circumstance that you’ve spent as much time researching Philly-based pop-punk outfit Radiator Hospital as I have, you might be familiar with an old demo of theirs called “My Fire,” which was uploaded to frontman Sam Cook-Parrott’s WordPress blog in February 2014. It’s scrappy and heartbroken and fleeting, with Cook-Parrott’s crooned vocals rising to a cathartic, layered crescendo.

Now, five years later, Cook-Parrott has rekindled the track as a single on the band’s new record, Sings ‘Music for Daydreaming.’ While this version of “My Fire” is a little more polished than the original, it feels just as frayed and vulnerable. The video, directed by Joseph Kolean and Zach Gutierrez, captures the song’s mix of tenderness and desperation. (Sidenote: Have pancakes ever looked so sensual and intimidating at the same time?)

“‘My Fire’ is the oldest song on the record,” Cook-Parrott tells AdHoc. “When I decided to make this album, I wanted to revisit some older songs that never made it onto a proper LP and that I thought I could do something new and fun with in the studio. The song is about realizing that someone just doesn’t light your fire. It can be a positive and freeing realization that you just need to leave a situation and be alone, and I think the video illustrates that nicely.”

Catch Radiator Hospital at their record release show on May 19 at Trans-Pecos, with support from Big Nothing, Swanning, and Quaker Wedding. Sings ‘Music for Daydreaming’ is out May 10 on Salinas Records, and is available to stream here.