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“I Think I” Charts New Directions for Orchin

Their new track is eventful, complex and confidently original.

Orchin wades through a sonic bog well-traveled, a soupy mixture of dream pop, shoegaze, and straightahead indie rock inhabited by the likes of Porcelain RaftHolydrug Couple, and The Radio Dept. Despite the Los Angeles four piece’s cheeky categorization of their output as “Unpopular Music”, Orchin has purveyed an accessible and familiar sound throughout their relatively small catalog. But on “I Think I,” Jeremy McLennan and company muscle their way out of overplayed territory—the track stages the progress of a group charting new acoustic directions and resisting submission to hackneyed dream pop tropes. Simply put, “I Think I” illustrates a band finding its footing on an assured and confidently original sonic grounding.

Eventful and complex, “I Think I” refuses to plod. Much as McLennan “think[s he] would like to try one more time,” the song itself surges with a commanding and uplifting drum burst. With the driving drum line and invigorated riff, Orchin motors its way out of milquetoast sluggishness of typical dream pop dolor. Urgency, immediacy, and vitality shove to the front as McLennan repeats the lyric without the previous torpor—as the track comes into its own, so does Orchin, taut with purpose and firing on all cylinders.

Orchin take their determined new sound to Alphaville June 17th, alongside Hellrazor, Model/Actriz, and Maneka. Stream “I Think I” below and check out out Orchin’s tour dates under the embed.

Orchin tour dates:

6/2 Los Angeles, CA – Basic Flowers
6/7 Oklahoma City, OK – DIY Venue (Address available week-of)
6/8  Lawrence, KS – Replay Lounge
6/10 St Louis, MO – Foam
6/11 Columbia, MO – PDM
6/12 Chicago, IL – Subterranean
6/13 Lakewood, OH – Mahall’s
6/16 Montclair, NJ – Meat Locker
6/17 Brooklyn, NY – Alphaville (Presented by AdHoc)
6/19 Boston, MA – Middle East
6/21 Providence, RI – Psychic Reading
6/22 Milton, DE – Milton Theatre
6/27 Austin, TX – Beerland
6/30 Phoenix, AZ – Trunk Space