AdHoc is Raising Money For the ACLU—With a Hat – AdHoc

AdHoc is Raising Money For the ACLU—With a Hat

For every order, we will donate $5 to the ACLU!

Chief Strategist of the Trump administration Stephen Bannon recently urged the New York Times to quote his declaration that the “media” is an “opposition party.” Both he and President Trump have repeatedly characterized non-Breitbart or Trump-sanctioned outlets as sources of deceit and “fake news,” and Bannon has even gone so far as to instruct the media to “keep its mouth shut” and listen to Donald Trump’s “big voice.” We at AdHoc recognize these announcements as grotesque attempts to erode the free press, a stronghold of American democracy.

Naturally, we decided to make a hat. We’ve reclaimed and stylishly embroidered “Opposition Party” on a small run of black strapbacks, which we’re making available via preorder until February 20th. Stand in solidarity with the free press—or, if it tickles your fancy, with the idea of partying as a form of opposition in itself— by sporting a kickass cap. For every order, we’ll go ahead and donate $5 to the ACLU. In the spirit of unity, “Opposition Party” hats come in one size only.