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Operator Music Band’s New Video is a Zany Throwback to ’90s Talk Shows

The Brooklyn band staged a fake in-studio performance in a Greenpoint warehouse.

Operator Music Band’s new video for “Fiji”—a track from the Brooklyn art-pop quartet’s recent sophomore album, Duo Duo—sees the truck bay of singer/guitarist Jared Hiller’s family’s warehouse transformed into a sparkling in-studio performance space. 

The video opens with three talk show hosts—clad in a Lakers jersey, pin-striped pants, and an orange blazer, respectively—welcoming Operator Music Band to the studio with a spot-on talk-show-host-chuckle. What follows is an impassioned, trance-like performance by Hiller and his bandmates, who are also joined by a creepy-yet-charming yellow puppet. It’s a funky, playful dance video for a funky, playful dance song that will make you want to groove.

“The video was inspired by talk shows with in-studio performance shows from the ’90s—particularly The Word,” Hiller told AdHoc via email.

“We decided to work with [director] Kevin [Van Witt] after I had appeared in the video he directed for Emily Reo. I was really impressed with how intuitive and confident he was with on-the-spot framing of shots. The video was shot in truck bay of my family’s warehouse in Greenpoint on the hottest day of the summer. It was absolutely brutal inside, but when our friends showed up to fill the crowd scenes, everyone was so excited and involved. It made the shoot a lot of fun.”

Catch Operator Music Band supporting Corridor at Union Pool on October 24. Duo Duo is out now via Broken Circles.

Upcoming shows:

Oct 10 – Hideout Inn – Chicago, IL

Oct 11 – Outer Limits Lounge – Detroit, MI

Oct 12 – Monarch Tavern – Toronto, ON

Oct 13 – Casa Del Popolo – Montreal, QC