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Model/Actriz’s New Video Is A Seriously Twisted Home Movie

The LA/Boston four piece are notorious for their cathartic, mic-twirling sets.

The young LA/Boston fourpiece Model/Actriz have previously aligned themselves with No Wave. While their noisy instrumentals do at times resemble that bygone punk era,  the industrial-tinged sounds featured across their recent No EP flirt far more with actual dance music. 4/4 high-hats and martial-paced floor tom rolls provide the foundation as frontman Cole Haden’s guttural vocal runs take lead, shifting between gruff sing-speak and blood-curdling screams on a dime. Plus, if you can find some space in the pit, they make their disaffection pretty easy to dance to.

In their native LA, Model/Actriz have formed a kinship of sorts with noise acts like Girl Pusher and Hounds, leaving a string of anarchic live shows in their wake. Their sets are cathartic, mic-twirling affairs that often find Haden on the floor screaming along with—and smashing into—crowds. For their part, the band’s players are adept at matching Haden’s infectious stage presence, exercising extreme restraint before lurching into backbreaking choruses. That stamina is reflected in their as-yet limited output, with each track seething with nervy, bottled up energy that always explodes at the right moment.

Today, AdHoc debuts the decidedly lo-fi video for EP opener “Matador,” directed by Nathan Castiel.

“For ‘Matador,’ [the directors] worked together to create a video that intercuts the members of the band in posed family-style portraits with chaotic footage of our explosive live show,” the band told AdHoc in a statement. “The result is somewhere between old family VHS and found footage horror.”

No is out now via LA’s Danger Collective Records. Model/Actriz have a couple live dates left for 2017.

11/17/17 Boston, MA at The ER w/ Neck

12/3/17 Asbury Park, NJ at Music Foundation, New Jersey w/ Show Me The Body