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Korine’s “Elegance & You” Video Nods to the ’80s

The Philly-based band has artfully translated their synth-pop into a DIY video.

With the new video for “Elegance & You,” Philly-based Korine channel ’80s dream-pop—with a camcorder aesthetic to match. A track from their debut LP, New Arrangements, it’s a synth-heavy, post-punk number that evokes the thumping groove of New Order—or, more recently, the melancholic drawl of The Drums.

Shot on a camcorder by band members Morgy Ramone and Trey Frye, the clip depicts Korine on tour in the midwest. The video is a montage of concert footage and travel vignettes, giving it the feel of a diary. Ramone and Frye perform in small venues, cast against colorful projections; drive through dimly lit tunnels and on suburban freeways; flip off a slice of pizza; and crawl on leafy precipices. Many shots have time-stamps in the bottom left corner, like a home movie produced using a convenience store surveillance camera. The effect is an intimate self-portrait of a band in motion, both musically and geographically.

“What we were trying to capture in the video was the overall experience of touring,”  Ramone told AdHoc in an email. “Exhilarating and beautiful, but also a little frightening. In some ways, we are all in transit—waiting to meet new friends and hoping to arrive unscathed. We wanted to give the viewer a bit of insight into our personalities and how we are as real people.”

New Arrangements is out now via Born Losers Records.

2/7 Great Scott – Allston, MA
2/9 Secret Project Robot – Brooklyn, NYC
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2/24 Ivy City Smoke House – Washington, DC *
3/8 Brooklyn Baazar – Brooklyn, NYC %

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