Kirsten Knick Imagines Life After Death on “Live One Life” – AdHoc

Kirsten Knick Imagines Life After Death on “Live One Life”

In her dreamy new video, the Brooklyn-based pop musician imagines death not as an end, but a beginning.

While depictions of death tend to inspire fear and trepidation, Kirsten Knick’s ethereal new music video for “Live One Life” portrays it more as a transformation than an ending. The video—directed by Flemming Laursen and premiering below on AdHoc—shows the Brooklyn-based dream-pop artist, formerly known as Völuspa, trying to imagine what the afterlife might look like.

Posing as a wraith-like guide, shrouded in black, Knick takes three souls on a mystical voyage to another realm. We watch their initial confusion melt into awe as Knick’s soothing voice sings, “We’re so mesmerized by the magic / Surrounded by dust and stars / While we spin / Curious about where we’re going.” As dreamy synths layer over steady, heartbeat-like drums, a kaleidoscope of rainbows bleeds into the black void. The three souls gaze at their new surroundings, entranced by the colors and sensations around them—and by the end of the song, they’re clasping hands with Knick, as though they’re ready to embrace death rather than fear it. The video closes with a galaxy fading into a shot of Knick’s peaceful smile.

“Live One Life is a song about love, dreams, loss and our infinite existence,” Knick told AdHoc over email. “Do we ever die? The person in black represents death—but not in the way we perceive it. It’s more expansive than a final ending. [The] end is only the beginning.”

The song is the latest single from Knick’s debut album, which will be out later this year via Icons Creating Evil Art. Catch her at New Colossus Festival on March 11 at The Delancey and March 12 at Berlin.