Photo Gallery: Kelly Moran at Future Space – AdHoc

Photo Gallery: Kelly Moran at Future Space

With visuals by Dave & Gabe, Moran captivated audiences over two nights.

Kelly Moran performed two stunning Album Release shows at Future Space on November 8 and 9. The sold-out shows exhibited her impressive talents as a composer, producer, and virtuoso pianist, commemorating the launch of her latest record, Ultraviolet, released through Warp Records. The setup of the performance saw Moran in collaboration with Dave & Gabe, who turned the performance into a fully immersive sensory experience. They situated Moran and her prepared grand piano on a huge white screen that had mesmerizing animations projected on to it and that covered a large portion of the wall and ceiling. This created the beautiful illusion that Moran was playing her angelic melodies while floating in a sea of evolving colours. It had audiences utterly captivated. Nick Karp was there to capture the magic, check it out below. You can also grab your own copy of Ultraviolet here.