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Jay Som Lets Loose “1 Billion Dogs” In New Single

Her new record Everybody Works is out March 10 via Polyvinyl.

Jay Som, the sobriquet of Oakland-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Melina Duterte, has released the second single from her upcoming debut full length, Everybody Works. “1 Billion Dogs” is a blitzing, fuzzy wall of a power-pop song; hurtling ahead as if the titular pups were unleashed on dog run all at once. Duterte’s vocals sit low in the mix, offering a layered, dead-pan melody that twists and turns beneath the craggy guitars and bombed out drums. There’s one brief reprieve where the guitars cut out and the song’s central hook rings out clear—when Duterte promises the listener that she’s going “up up up up up”—before a gnarly, processed twin guitar fanfare brings the track to a close. With such a killer pop sensibility and a knack for conjuring up a rocker that sounds like an unstoppable force, it’s hard to argue with her claimed trajectory.

Everybody Works is due out March 10 via Polyvinyl. She’ll be going touring behind the record throughout the Spring, co-headlining some shows with The Courtneys and stopping to perform in Brooklyn at Baby’s Alright on March 29.