Jake Meginsky Spins, Splits, and Spits Sound – AdHoc

Jake Meginsky Spins, Splits, and Spits Sound

“Fifth Gate” swings open to an alternate dimension—beyond the Pythagorean and the Platonic, beyond the shapes and forms that structure everyday cognition. On this final track from his latest record Gates and Variations, Northampton’s Jake Meginsky convolutes a circular and corpuscular drone of motive and repetition. Visualized by Patrick Cain’s sparse video, which plots the left and right channel audio, Meginsky’s orbital sensorium burbles and gurbles on a denatured axis, its contours whorling in a nodular play of free particulars. The patterns that spill out of the conjunction here flicker and unfurl, affecting fleeting encounters and entangling topographies of tonality that linger just long enough to tickle the ear. The traces of sound Meginsky crafts and Cain transposes get stuck in: charged with concave resonances, they divvy up and coagulate, spitting points that spin and split into waves until they amass again. In this swirl of puncta, it’s impossible not to get pricked.

“Fifth Gate” comes from Gates and Variations, out now on Open Mouth Records.