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Hopscotch Music Fest Gears Up for 2018 with a Staff Playlist

Get ready for Hopscotch with this curated playlist.

Hopscotch Music Festival, which we once dubbed “the premiere experimental and underground festival in America,” is about to enter its 9th year.

The festival runs September 6-8 and is spread out over downtown Raleigh, NC, with a mammoth roster of headliners that includes Liz Phair, The Flaming Lips, Nile Rodgers & CHIC, Grizzly Bear, and Miguel. With Hopscotch now just a little over two weeks away, the festival’s staff was kind enough to get on a big email chain with us and share some of their favorite songs from artists on the lineup. Check out a Hopscotch Staff Playlist below, and don’t forget to grab yourself a wristband or day-pass!

Frank Meadows
Day Party Coordinator

“Fake-Out” by Palberta
Pick any track on the near-perfect Roach Goin’ Down, and you’ll find angular punk in the vein of Television and the Raincoats, biting humor, and all the ingredients of a “winning” pop track— broken open, flipped, and repackaged neatly into under three minutes. This track has it all. You will talk to your kids about this band.

Gloria Mock
Development Director

“Good Times” by CHIC
I can’t wait to see Nile Rodgers and Chic. I grew up with this! And these ARE the good times

Derek Johnson
Volunteer Coordinator

“Baby’s Got The Blues” by H.C. McEntire
I’m from California, so I’m not a Yankee; I’m not really anything. My wife and girls are Southerners, and I hope that this is the kind of song they play when they pull up to an empty lot with their friends on a Friday night in a $400 car.

Nathan Price
Executive Director

“Molten Light” by Chad VanGaalen
I’ve been a big fan of Chad VanGaalen since I first heard “Soft Airplane”—which I just noticed came out exactly a decade to the date before this year’s Hopscotch performance. VanGaalen is a great songwriter and producer, with credits that include the debut records from Women and Alvvays. He’s never played the Triangle before, and this one is definitely not to be missed.

“Ghost” by Indigo De Souza
I saw Indigo De Souza at a house show thrown by our VIP coordinator Steve, and it took about a week after the show before I realized that the song that had been stuck in my head ever since was “Ghost.” Great new band—great song.

Kaanchee Gandhi
Graphic Designer

“Gauze” by KILBOURNE
A ruthless response to an unfair world that demands trans people undergo surgeries and complete medical steps in order to validate their existence. This heavy-hitting club track is two minutes of rage and release.

Candice Jones

“Window Shades” by U.S. Girls
I have been trying to see U.S. Girls live for like, six years and either always miss her or she’s not touring to whatever city I happen to be living in at the time. Can’t wait to see her at Hopscotch.

Aimee Bridges
Beverage and Hospitality Manager

“X-Ray Vision” by Zack Mexico
I gotta give some local love to Zack Mexico. If you haven’t seen them live then you aren’t living right. My song choice is “X-Ray Vision”—a shoutout to my favorite Hopscotch sidekick, Eva.