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The Uniquely Awesome Feeling of Being Hungover in the Sun

Australian singer-songwriter and Jezabels member Hayley Mary shares a new live video for her debut single, “The Piss, The Perfume.”

When Hayley Mary released her debut single, “The Piss, The Perfume” in October, this is how she described the state she was in when she wrote it: “You know the feeling when you’re hungover but you’re kind of elated and glowing, because the sun’s coming up and somehow you feel in sync with the universe, but you’re probably just still pissed? […] I was newly in love and felt I was leaving a lot of sadness behind and this song came out of that.” 

Somehow all of these ups and downs come through in the track, which foregrounds the Australian artist’s captivating voice as both a singer and songwriter. Here, The Jezabels member’s vocals are warm and husky and rich. She sings of a “rhythm of doubt,” of “the slant in the room,” and of “[finding] bitterness through love.” Yet she sounds confident and happy and determined.

The music video, directed by Mclean Stephenson, is just as wistful as the song itself, featuring Mary dancing by herself in different places. But a new live video—which we’re debuting today on AdHoc—sees Mary performing in her former digs above a friend’s pub in Sydney. The video is cast in the same gorgeous hazy light that Mary says inspired the song. 

“This was filmed in the old run-down terrace we were living in, above our friend’s pub,” Mary told AdHoc via email. “I always loved the light in the mornings and afternoons as it came through the dusty old windows, and that’s how it was when the idea for the ‘The Piss, The Perfume’ came to me. [It] was nice to capture that haze on video here, to always remind me of the good times I had in that place.”

Watch the live video below.

The Piss, The Perfume EP is out January 17.