#AdHocLifeAdvice with Horse Head and YAWNS from GothBoiClique – AdHoc

#AdHocLifeAdvice with Horse Head and YAWNS from GothBoiClique

The Los Angeles emo rap collective offer a Ted Talk’s worth of advice on love, life, and music—sort of.

This article originally appeared in print in AdHoc 28.

In #adhoclifeadvice, we ask artists we love to answer questions from you, our readers. Ahead of their show on July 30th at El Club in Detroit, we asked Horse Head and Cold Hart from Los Angeles emo rap collective GothBoiClique to respond to their fans’ most urgent queries about finding a sound that suits you, breaking out of a creative rut, and nurturing love when you find it. Cold Hart ended up not being able to participate, so YAWNS—a producer from the crew—ended up weighing in instead. Fans chimed in with many more questions than the two of them could answer alone, so we asked them to narrow it down to their favorites.

@curlylandon2: What to do when you run out of creativity and your life is in shambles as well 

Horse Head: In my opinion, those can be the best times to create hard-hitting and meaningful art. It’s not always easy to create when you’re going through hard times, but once you get back into it, you’ll have a lot more to write about. I’d say that goes for other forms of art as well.

@_Bar25: What’s your tips on finding a sound that suits your own style? 

Horse Head: Trial and error. Try and keep trying. Take influences from things you really like and put them together in an interesting/new way. Stay true to yourself, and practice honesty in the things you create. Don’t create for the wrong reasons; create something that is meaningful to you and that resonates with other people.

@PookieDaStain: When on tour how heavy do you guys travel, and what essentials are a must? 

Horse Head: Headphones and a good book for long flights or drives. Lots of socks and boxers. I try to travel lightly so I can be on the move more easily. You don’t want to be lugging around a bunch of heavy stuff with you everywhere you go.

@Okusitino1: How do you handle drastic changes that need to be made in life in order to mature or move on from the current state you are stuck in? 

YAWNS: If you’re aware of the changes that need to be made, then you are already half-way there. Face those changes directly and constructively. Thank u for listening to my Ted Talk. 

@TimesUpCreation: What do you think you guys will be doing when you’re 60 years old? 

YAWNS: Smoking futuristic weed that me and fish have grown in the Pacific Northwest. We don’t own a farm yet, but that’s what the plan is when we are old as hell.

Jamie Perry: What inspired the sound change to the poppier type sound of GMCW like “Nick Cave In”? 

YAWNS: Lots of things inspired GMCW, but our desire to make timeless/forward thinking music is ultimately what made us just go for it. 

@Ronzeleous: What to do when your in love? 

YAWNS: If it’s mutual, you have to let the love flourish. Don’t fight it—doubt and insecurities will follow if you push away/play games. If u are not in a relationship with the person u “love” and aren’t sure if the feeling is mutual, it’s best to give that person time and space to find what they want. U have to let ur partner grow. 

@robertyear: What is your favorite thing to do during your free time? 

YAWNS: We’re supposed to give paragraph answers. So im just typing this for filler, but when I have any free time you can catch me Laying Down. Imma go lay down right now.