Fire-Toolz Unleash the Very Heavy “At The Pig Well Pt. 2” – AdHoc

Fire-Toolz Unleash the Very Heavy “At The Pig Well Pt. 2”

Check it out below!

A sponge of information and art, Angel Marcloid, the inimitable human behind Fire-Toolz and just about a hundred other creative endeavors, sets out to prove that genre restrictions are a farce. Her latest, a forty-eight-minute opus entitled Drip Mental, churns through ideas and sounds like a sonic meatgrinder while staying true to a unified vision. But behind Angel’s malestrom is a malleable internal logic, and furthermore a pop sensibility. On “At The Pig Well Pt. 2 [CODENAME_TOUCH ID],” one of the heavier moments on the album, Angel wields an intense stream-of-conscious word miasma to discuss introversion, romance, toxicity, and bodily interaction. The song is a touching exploration on relationships—while the narrator begins with a titillated hesitancy, by the end, smiles are exchanged, tongues lie on faces, and characters swim in each others’ palms. It’s a lot, and rightfully so—navigating relationships is probably the most complex thing we do as human beings, learning to read someone else, while spending our entire lives trying to understand ourselves, chasing down the undiscovered dark corners with our inner light.

Drip Mental is out digitally February 3 and physically February 24 on Hausu Mountain.