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Elizabeth Made a Video About Being Grounded

The Melbourne singer-songwriter and her bandmates may be trapped at home in their new music video, but they still rock. 

One of the most arresting shots in Elizabeth’s new video for “meander”—the third single off the Australian singer-songwriter’s debut solo album, The Wonderful World of Nature—takes place at a dinner table.

Here’s the scene: Elizabeth Mitchell (formerly of the Melbourne indie pop band Totally Mild) and her bandmates play siblings who have been grounded by their parents, and they’ve just sat down for a family meal. Everything is beige. Everybody prays. Soon they’re eating jello (it’s beige-ish), and the band performs in the living room, which is also beige. Now they’re all dressed in shimmering yellow gowns, strumming in unison.

Elizabeth‘s vocals are lush and melancholic as she belts, “You’re not free,” her voice cresting, then softening, as it hits her rejoinder to that statement: “Not with me.” Though the song seems to be about feeling confined in a relationship, Elizabeth’s powerful delivery feels like an assertion of freedom. She has a knack for stating the brutal bluntly. “I go to parties like I don’t need anybody / But I only miss you more,” she confesses on “parties.” 

“I am so happy to have my beautiful band in the video for ‘meander’ with me,” Elizabeth told AdHoc via email. “We play the saddest and the prettiest sisters, trapped in a ’70s Coppola-esque dream house by our strict parents. We eat jelly; we tend to our bonsai. We find joy only in music, bonnets, and each other.”

Catch Elizabeth supporting Good Morning at Baby’s All Right on October 23. The Wonderful World of Nature is out Nov. 1 via Our Golden Friend.