Eli Sundae Premieres Glitter-Fueled Video for “Bite My Tongue” – AdHoc

Eli Sundae Premieres Glitter-Fueled Video for “Bite My Tongue”

New York-based Eli Sundae, né Eli Dreyfus, creates upbeat music infused with humor and wit, which he appropriately has dubbed “idiot rock.” His new video for “Bite My Tongue” reflects this ethos, taking a seeming jab at a genre that can sometimes be unbearably pretentious (indie rock). The video, directed by Carlen May-Mann, is an absurdist and colorful trip. Flanked by muscular sidekicks sporting hair wreaths that harken back to ancient Greek gods, he sings over a contagious bass line. At one point in the video, the song explodes into synths, and confetti pours down onto Dreyfus, who lays motionless, bathed by multicolored lights. Afterwards, the video abruptly cuts to Dreyfus, seemingly unfazed with his Greek goddess sidekick sprawled across his lap. 

Via email, Dreyfus informed AdHoc that the video takes inspiration from the "emotional beat of romantic competition, drawing in equal part from Ancient Greek Olympics and Apple's '1984' commercial."

"This video explores the pain of looking your rival in the eye," he wrote. "You hate them, because they stand between you and everything you want, and yet they are your closest equal. In that moment they understand you with more clarity and empathy than anyone."

Watch "Bite My Tongue" and listen to Eli Sundae's new EP, Eli Bloody Eli, below.