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Post-Rockers Do Make Say Think Share Their Favorite Non-Post Rock Songs

“Essential and influential non-post rock jams every post rock fan should hear.”

Do Make Say Think are an instrumental post-rock group from Toronto, Canada whose music is defined by its weaving guitar lines and atmosphere of dread and exaltation.

Now over 20 years old, the group recently released Stubborn Persistent Illusions, their first album in eight years. Ahead of their headlining show tomorrow Saturday, December 2nd at Murmrr Theatre, multi-instrumentalist Justin Small shared a playlist of what he described to us as “essential and influential non-post rock jams every post rock fan should hear.” Check it out below.

1. HENRYK GORECKI: Symphony No 3.
Ok, ok… Sorry to start with this one. Anyone who has ever heard Godspeed or Mono or DMST—or, well…any post rock band that TRULY made you feel all the um… “feels”—has heard this! Its sub-title is “Symphony of Sorrowful Songs.”

2. TALK TALK: “New Grass”
To those new to the scene, this band and their two final records are SUPER influential to our band. Talk Talk were a weird pop band in the early 80s. And then they released Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock and changed the landscape of “POPular” music forever! I’ve listened to this song once a week for over 20 years and still find new elements. A friend who was in the greatest noise band EVER—Crawl/Child—claimed Laughing Stock to be the greatest recording by human beings. I agree!

4. GAVIN BRYARS: “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet”
Gavin recorded a homeless man in England. He sang in perfect pitch. He wrote a simple symphony around it. Which Philip Glass arranged. And then Tom Waits sang harmony. Do the whole jam. If you are not in tears by the end, you have no heart.

A pummel-fest groove. There is no post-rock band that could touch this jam. Fuck it! I give up!!!

A deep, drug-fueled spiral. It’s the BIG “HERE IT COMES” moment that always informed our “big release” moment. If you’re in the right zone, this moment can be heart-stopping!!!

7. MERCURY REV: “Chasing a Bee”
Let’s just say that Dave Fridmann is one of the GREATEST producers out there. He was also one of the best bass players in one of the best bands ever! The guitar solo in this jam can be heard across all our records!

Hey, sure, DJ Shadow had it all locked down. As did Amon Tobin. But in the 90s, this was a Ninja Tune favorite. Also Nina Simone samples! Also… well, a full album take on Ole!

9. NINA SIMONE: “Wild is the Wind”
Sorry. Not Post Rock. Just a totally heavy jam. Surrender.

9. NINA SIMONE: “Suzanne” 
This is too much not to share! Again, surrender.

10. DRIVE LIKE JEHU: Yank Crime
It’s impossible to state the importance this band has had on modern guitar playing. Imagine your best friend from high school who spent all his days studying Van Halen finally discovers Sonic Youth and unlearns everything and invents a new way of playing the guitar. JEHU!

11. NEIL YOUNG: Dead Man OST
No words.

12. NAPALM DEATH: “The Kill”
Not Metal. Not Noise. GRINDCORE!