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Dimples Reveal Hypnotic Video for “Chains of Shame”

The LA band’s new LP, Whimpers, is a collection of entrancing, cerebral folk music.

Haunting harmonies drifting through a deep foggy night, the eerie vocals of L.A.’s Dimples begin to tug away at your insides. Their new LP Whimpers on Nicey Music is a collection of cerebral folk music floating atop smoke signals only to be confused for a mirage. Their meticulously designed campfire soundscapes seem to evaporate out of their souls, appearing and vanishing into thin air. “Chains of Shame” bleeds a raw emotion that lingers even after the sounds dissipate. Dimples weave a droning melody that is met with their hypnotically soothing voices. In the video for “Chains of Shame” presented by Giraffe Studios, an old man wearing a cowboy hat wanders down an empty highway. His suit is adorned with rhinestones and decorated to look like a skeleton. He sings along to “Chains of Shame” as he carries himself along this endless highway, hovering like a ghost.

Whimpers is out now on Nicey Music. Dimples is on tour starting at the end of April, check the dates below.

April 28 Tempe, AZ @ 1317 W. Laird St
April 29 cruising New Mexico
April 30 Boulder, CO @ McKrissy’s
May 1 Denver, CO @ Club Scum
May 2 trucking through Nebraska
May 3 Omaha, NE @ Brothers Lounge
May 4 Minneappolis, MN @ Seward Cafe
May 5 Rock Island, IL @ Rozz-Tox
May 6 Chicago, IL @ Situations
May 7 Indianapolis, IN @ Hakk.haus
May 8 Columbus, OH  @ 2365 North Fourth
May 9 Philadelphia, PA @ R & D Records
May 10 Brooklyn, NY @ Forty Nine Shade
May 11 Turners Falls, MA @ L7
May 12 Jamaica Plain, MA @ Marmion Center For the Arts
May 13 Providence, RI @ Operatheque
May 14 Portland, ME @ Oxbow
May 18 Belfast, ME @ Ro He Ge
for more info about show, write to laughablerecordings@gmail.com