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Dad Bod Is Haunted by Loneliness in Their New Music Video

The Minneapolis-based quintet long for genuine human connection in the video for “Spirits.”

Minnesota-based tender indie-rock band Dad Bod’s new music video for “Spirits”—premiering now on AdHoc—captures the dueling desires for recognition and distance. The video features the quintet jamming out in slow-motion in an empty warehouse, with each movement leaving a trail of ghosts in their wake.

Singer-songwriter Callie Marino’s voice is imbued with enough melancholy to rival that of a rainy day as she sings about being hesitant to let down her walls—even as loneliness starts to creep in. As Marino sings, “Wonder if you saw me / or if you saw right through me / I may be a ghost but / my biggest fear’s transparency,” the lyrics get played out visually on screen as images of Marino fade in and out of one another. This longing for genuine human connection is especially resonant as we all are social distancing, unable to connect with our friends and loved ones.

The electric guitars—from Marino and guitarists Wilson Zellar and Noah Topliff—help sweeten the song, interspersed as bright pops of sound over the otherwise mellow beats provided by bassist Michal McGough and drummer Alex Gray. As the song reaches its peak the video splinters into a series of overlays and for a second the room looks full, after-images of the band lingering until they all fade away. “Spirits” may seem like a straightforward Casper-esque scenario about a ghost who wants to experience being alive again, but Marino explains that the song is actually a metaphor.

“‘Spirits’ is an anthem to being both terrifying and terrified—balancing being perceived with the fear of being truly seen,” Marino told AdHoc. “This is the first music video we have filmed as a band, and we are so lucky we got to do it with Keegan Burckhard. He’s a close friend, but he’s also one of the most talented creative artists I know. He did such a great job of capturing how much fun we’re having—the video feels similar to a high-energy live Dad Bod performance.”

“Spirits” is the latest single from Dad Bod. Stay tuned for their quarantine EP out June 12, and their debut album out later this year.