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Chastity Burns a Church in “Heaven Hell Anywhere Else” Video

Brandon Williams, the man behind the curtain that is Whitby, Ontario band Chastity, has been hitting it hard in the last couple years. Chastity covers all bases with their sound. “Die From My Mind,” the b-side of 2017’s Peroxide 7”, is a melodic anthem that grows to a booming wash of guitars, yet the maniacal guitar stylings on “Chains,” the title track from their 2017 EP, are reminiscent of the heyday of Seattle grunge. Somehow, in this torrent of creativity, Williams has still found the time to run barn shows in rural Ashburn, ON.

Chastity is now gearing up to release its debut full-length release, Death Lust—and AdHoc was fortunate enough to get the chance to premiere their video for “Heaven Hell Anywhere Else,” a melodic anthem about tempting fate and living to tell about it. Over calmly distorted guitar chords, we follow a dangerous trio. A cowboyed up version of Williams slinks through the countryside with two western-styled women. The chorus hits with a classically inspired yet fuzzed-up melody. One of the crew puts a bag over her head as the others glide their fingers over glass and lighter flames. Flowers are lain on an empty street before the bodies of cops are dragged into a church and set aflame. After these acts, the trio heads to a fair to get their minds away from what they have just done as the chorus repeats, eventually falling into the sea of distortion.

“‘Heaven Hell Anywhere Else’ is the most death-dreaming song on the record,” Williams told AdHoc over email. “I’ve been reading about how chemical our pleasure and happiness is. The feeling of pleasure just being dopamine, happiness serotonin. ‘Who laced my days with pain?’ I’m talking about imbalance of these things and feeling caught on the other side as though a God, someone or something, may be culpable. But, maybe it’s just these chemicals that hold that massive power over us: ‘Serotonin don’t let me go.’

Death Lust is out on July 13 on Captured Tracks.

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