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Take Action: A List of Ways You Can Stand In Solidarity with the Black Community

We’ve compiled an ongoing list of ways you can help as we collectively fight against systemic racism and violence.

Like many people across the nation, we here at AdHoc are enraged and moved to action by the murder of Black people at the hands of white supremacist police. At a time when our country is in the midst of a pandemic, it is both horrifying and sadly unsurprising that Black people continue to be subject to systemic violence. It is not enough to say we hear you when Black people rise up against structural racism—we must listen to, support, and amplify Black voices. 

For everyone that is feeling outraged by the multiple lives that have been lost at the hands of the police, we’d encourage you to channel that anger into action. For non-black people of color and white allies, this is a time to commit to unlearning white supremacism and engage in the ongoing project of anti-racism. For those who feel compelled to take to the streets to combat systemic racism, please defer to the Black organizers who have been working around these issues long before they hit the news. The fight for justice is one that we all need to play a role in, whatever form that may take. Below are some resources that we’ve gathered together to aid communities in mourning and to invite deeper contemplation on how we can all be better allies.

* * Updated Monday, July 27th* * 

Participate in a Protest:

Contribute to a Bail Fund:
Double-check to make sure funds are still accepting donations, many are diverting attention to other fundraisers.

• PDX Protest Bail Fund
• Defense Fund PDX: a jail support group located in PDX that focuses on prioritizing BIPOC people in jail as well as houseless people. Donate via Venmo at @defensefundPDX
• Emergency Release Fund for Trans People In NYC
• Both Brooklyn Bail Fund and Minnesota Freedom Fund are currently asking people to send donations elsewhere. Check out the following for ideas:
        – Reclaim the Block has posted an updated list of worthy orgs
        – A list of bail funds for protesters in cities across the country
        – Split a donation to dozens of community bail funds at once with this page
        – Another list of bail funds
• Free Them All has closed its NYC Bail Out Fund and is asking for donations to be directed towards these organizations: BYP100 and COVID Bail Out NYC.
• LGBTQ Freedom Fund Bail Out
• National Bail Out

Donate to Other Initiatives:
• Black Lives Matter
• Vetted list of donations for frontline youth
• NAACP Empowerment Programs
• Justice for Regis Korchinski Paquet
• Justice for Dion Johnson
• List of actions to take in commemoration of Breonna Taylor for her birthday (June 5th)
• Communities United Against Police Brutality
• Free COVID-19 testing, advocacy, & education for the black community in Philly
• Homeless black trans women fund
• IG Post featuring black queer & trans organizations to support
• This YouTube video series was created to offer a way to donate to #blacklivesmatter for folks who are not able to financially contribute at this time.
• #THEGATHEREDFIGHT for Black Mental Health Access: allies can help pay for black women’s therapy
• Black Trans Protesters Emergency Fund
• Committee to Protect Journalists
• Know Your Rights Project
• Innocence Project
• Unicorn Riot
• Support the Minneapolis Sanctuary Hotel
• Black Journalists Therapy Relief Fund
• Black Trans Education Foundation
• The Combahee Fund: a community-organized fund for young Black survivors of abuse, borne out of the light and life of Oluwatoyin Salau
• Freedom Arts Movement (Mutual Aid) Fundraiser
• The Revolution Will Be Funded: a virtual directory of Black individuals to support
• Femme Defense Fund:  A fundraiser to provide Black women and femmes with safety kits
• Black Trans Lives Matter Youth Fund
• Free Black Therapy: a non-profit organization of Black mental health professionals dedicated to providing free remote mental health care to Black and African American individuals
• Fund a Black & Brown Studio & Community Space in NYC from The Femmies
• HOUSING COVID-19 Relief Fund: provides emergency grants for artists and creatives (with the majority of funds going to artists of color).
• Build a Black Radical Art School in New Orleans’ 7th Ward
• Black Joy NYC: provides Black people in New York with any material resource that will bring them joy or pleasure.
• Teaching Farm for Black Womxn and Queer Folx
Farming Futurity: Help build an artist residency, permaculture farm, and healing space in Upstate New York.
• Donate to HOUSING Relief Fund, which will help support marginalized voices in the arts, with the majority of proceeds going to fund grants for artists and creatives of color.
• Donate to Hot On Rikers: Helps provide incarcerated New Yorkers with lightweight clothing to help them survive extreme heat
• Support Black BK Community Displaced From Fire
• Official Garrett Foster Memorial Fund: help cover funeral, burial and other expenses for Garrett Foster, a protester murdered in Austin, TX.
Support Black Trans Oakland OSS Collective
• #Justice4Saraya: funds will go towards legal support and treatment for Saraya. For more ways to help Saraya click here.
Viet Tran Criminal Defense Fund: funds will go towards the cost of a criminal defense lawyer for Viet, a protester arrested in Des Moines, Iowa.
Stand for Jennifer: funds will go towards a security system for Jennifer and her daughter, residents of Valley Stream, NY who have been subject to racial harassment from their neighbors.

Support Minority-owned Businesses:

• Minority-owned businesses hit hard from protests in Minneapolis fund
• New York’s black-owned restaurants that could use our support right now
• List of black-owned businesses to support
• Thread of small black businesses destroyed by protests with GoFundMe links
• Black-owned business relief fund for various cities that have been affected by the protests
• Buy Black Atlanta: help brown & black businesses damaged by the protests
• A List of Black-Owned Restaurants in Queens
• A list of Black-owned farms and food distribution centers
• A Spreadsheet of Black-owned Farms and Gardens
• A Global Guide to Black-owned businesses
• AllThngsBlck is a Black-Owned Business Directory for Lower New York. Check out their website and follow on Instagram
• Black-owned Yoga Studios with live-streamed classes (consistently updated)
• Black-owned Coffeeshops in NYC, LA, DC, and MD
• Black-owned Coffeeshops in Philly, Georgia, Texas, and Minneapolis
• Uptown Black-Owned Businesses
• Black-owned Plant Stores
The Nile List: a digital community that connects consumers with Black-owned brands online.

Educate Yourself:
If you are buying a book, consider purchasing it from a black-owned bookstore. Here’s a list of a few with online stores, but do the research to find one in your area.

• This BLM document is a master list of petitions, bailout funds, ways to educate yourself, and more.
• Pb-Resources: A national resource and education tool
• The Radical Database: a massive compilation of petitions, fundraisers, bail funds, mutual aid, Black-owned businesses, food assistance, reading list and so much more.
Anti-Racist and Revolutionary Books Masterlist: a spreadsheet divided by genre with links to Black-owned bookstores
• Here are a few books for you to read about anti-racism, but know there are many more:

• Share and read through this google doc: Anti-racism resources for white people
• Share and read this IG post “8 Lessons About Racism That Were Helpful to Me as a White Person” by Jen Winston
• Tatiana Mac’s white women’s guide on how to make a meaningful change during the anti-police protests (Don’t worry, there’s a white men’s guide, as well.)
• This twitter thread includes ways you can help if you can’t make it to a protest.
• Rachel Rickett’s Antiracism Resources
• This list of anti-racist movies/tv-shows by Camille Ramos on IG and Letterboxd
• How to build a police-free future IG post (by reallocating funds to mental health, social workers, addiction specialists, etc.)
• Join Noname’s book club
• Here’s a thread on how to check in on your black friends.
• She Shred’s Anti-Racism Resources for White & Non-Black Musicians
• Protest Access: Twitter Account Dedicated to Providing Captions and Transcriptions for Social Justice Content
• A list of Anti-Racism Readings from the Anarchist Library
• Black Socialists Resource Guide
• Critical Reading Google Drive by Yosan Alemu
• A Google Drive of Academic Resources about Everything From Critical Race Theory to Ableism
•  Thread of Prison Abolitionist Reading
• A Series of Twitter Threads That Break Down Essential Texts (scroll to the bottom of each thread for more breakdowns)
• A Google Drive of Black Revolutionary Texts
• Patia’s Fantasy World’s Master List of Resources on How to Dismantle Racism
• Black Radical and Tactical Literature Google Drive
• Black History Month Google Drive
• Watch Families for Justice as Healing’s Get Free 15 Daily Livestream on Facebook
• A Spanish-language Anti-Racist Resource: includes articles, books, video, and more.
• Hundreds of Free Zines on Black Resistance from the Sherwood Forest Zine Library
• Types of microaggressions and their effects IG post by Mengwe
• Attend an anti-racism workshop by The People’s Institute For Survival and Beyond
• “Why we must remember the Black roots of mutual aid groups” article by Eshe Kiama Zuri
• Check out 8toabolition.com and read this FAQ by organizer K Agbebiyi about what abolition is and isn’t.
• Sign up for a weekly digest from the Anti-Racism Club
• A Spotify playlist full of abolition podcasts
• Database for Police Abolition: find out what proposals are being considered in your state for police abolition
• Helpful Phone Numbers To Call Other Than The Police (for many cities!) from TipTopTaylor
Search Thousands of Civilian Complaints Against NYPD Officers in ProPublica’s Database

Sign a Petition:
• BLM #DefundThePolice Petition
• Sign the Tallahassee Dream Defenders’ Petition for Tony McDade
• Text “ENOUGH” to 55156 or sign this petition to demand justice for Breonna Taylor
• Text “JUSTICE” to 668366 to sign MoveOn’s petition for George Floyd or sign here
• Sign Color of Change’s Petition for George Floyd
• Hand’s Up Act to punish police for shooting unarmed citizens
• NAACP #WeAreDoneDying Petition
• Justice for Belly Mujinga
• Justice for João Pedro
• Sign the Movement for Black Lives’ petition to push elected officials to fight against the militarization in communities of color
• Use this template to contact your representative and push them to consider changing police training to decrease police brutality
• Email NYC Mayor de Blasio here
• Defund12.org: a site with links to prefilled emails about decarceration you can send to your elected officials.
• Petition to Ban the Use of Rubber Bullets
• Birthday for Breonna Initiative

Stay Up To Date:

Follow these people for updates on organizing! Many of them accept donations or tips for their services. If you value the knowledge they are sharing, consider donating.

• @bailfundnetwork on twitter
• @justiceforgeorgenyc on IG
• Kimberlé Crenshaw on IG
• Louiza Doran on IG
• @theconsciouskid on IG
• @blklivesmatter on Twitter and IG, @BlackLivesMatter on Facebook
• @freethemall2020 on IG
• @decolonizethisplace on IG
• @nationallawyersguild on IG
• @jtbrg on Twitter (on the ground updates, jail support, etc)
• Unicorn Riot: You can follow non-profit media organization on Twitter (@UR_Ninja) and IG (@unicorn.riot)
• Survived and Punished: Twitter (@survivepunish) and NY Chapter Twitter (@survivepunishNY) and an organizer’s Twitter (@sheabutterfemme)
• @changethenypd on Twitter
• @PplsAction on Twitter
• @antiracismctr on Twitter
• @reclaimtheblock on IG
• @blackvisionscollective on IG
• @naacp_ldf on IG
• @freedomartsmovement on IG
• @justicecenterenelbarrio on IG
• @audrelordeproject on IG
• @colorofchange on IG
• @civilrightsorg on IG
• @annika.izora on IG
@abolitionongradients on IG
• Here’s a list of activists to follow to continue to learn more on a daily basis

Resources for Black people in Mourning:

• Ethel’s Club is offering free Healing and Grieving Sessions
• Herbal Mutual Aid Network by GOODWITCH provides herbal medicine to Black people seeking support
• Therapy resources for people of color: a lot of MA/Boston-based resources, but many helpful national resources as well
• Supported: A peer support group for all Black Folks. Thursdays at 5pm, free!
• A Free therapy session for New York State residents from Well Williamsburg
• 7 Virtual Mental Health Resources Supporting Black people by Healthyish
• Free herbal care packages for Black people in NYC
• Resources for Black Healing
• Thread of Free Plant Medicine for BIPoC Provided by White Herbalists
• Free Group Therapy and Discounted Individual Therapy for Black Womxn and Gender-Expansive People by The Unplug Collective
• Free Formulas for Black and Indigenous people, people on the front lines, activated emergency workers, and others.
Free Herbal Medicine from a Black-owned farm!
• Free Plant Medicine for Black People from Ms. Tea Botanica: offering tinctures, hand sanitizer, and more. White allies are encouraged to donate and cover shipping costs.
• Free Plant Medicine and Magic for Black People: tinctures, other medicines, flower essences, and more.
• Self Love Packages for Black People: free packages for black people that support black-owned businesses. Includes a Media package (Netflix and more), Books & Tea package, and Candles & CBD package. Allies can donate to support this initiative by Venmoing @SelfLoveTo-YourDoor
• Free Herbal Care, Herbal Tarot, and Reiki for Black People from Stephanie Shaffer
• Ethel’s Club Mental Health Resources for Black People
• Free Virtual Support Group for Queer & Trans People of Color in the NYC Tristate area from IHI Therapy Center
• Mental Health Resources for the Black Community by Mentl
• Free Virtual Support Group for Queer & Trans People of Color in the NYC Tristate area from IHI Therapy Center
• Oluwatoyin Salua Freedom Fighters Fund
• Trans Lifeline Microgrants: for trans and nonbinary people to cover the costs of updating and correcting names and/or gender markers on identifying legal documents.
• Arts Leaders of Color Emergency Fund
• Mutual Aid Fund For Black LGBTQ+ Youth: Black LGBTQ+ Youth (16-24) can request immediate funds for meals, protest supplies, rent assistance, or whatever until the fund runs out. Allies can donate through this link to the fund.
• Gyrl Power IRL Scholarship Fund: A scholarship for young women of color who are pursuing an undergraduate degree and are enrolled full-time. There will be five recipients who will be rewarded $2,000 each.
175 Black Healers & Wellness Spaces by 69herbs: features Black herbalists, healers, doulas, energy workers, Black-owned apothecaries, herb schools, CBD brands, natural body care brands, and healing funds.
Illuminations Grant for Black Trans Women Visual Artists by Queer|Art: a new annual $10,000 grant that will support visual artists who are self-identified Black trans women and trans femmes based in the United States. Applications are open until August 30.
Silent Partners provides two monthly $1,000 grants to Black Brooklyn-based artists and Movement workers. Funds are donated by anonymous white partners, and all top-level decisions are made by a panel of Black leaders.


Compiled with love in honor of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Nina Pop, Sean Reed, and the countless other Black people who have lost their lives to the police and other forms of white supremacist violence.

This list will continue to be updated. Please email us at editorial@adhoc.fm with any suggestions.