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Amy O Talks New Zine, Yoko Oh Yes!

Find out where to cop the new zine amplifying female voices in music.

Amy Oelsner has been releasing music under the name Amy O since 2004 – her newest release, Elastic, is out 8/4 on Winspear. She currently resides in Bloomington, Indiana, and works at an after-school youth center, teaching young women about the power of collaboration through zines. She is releasing her own zine Yoko Oh Yes! alongside Elastic and was kind enough to give AdHoc a few words on the zine, which you can read below.

Amy O: On August 4th I’m releasing my new album Elastic on Winspear, as well as a zine called Yoko Oh Yes! that features interviews with women musicians from around the country. I’d actually been working on the idea of Yoko Oh Yes! before I even started Elastic. It worked out that the zine was coming to completion at the same time as the record and I realized it would be a perfect companion piece.

It had been a vague desire of mine to make a zine for a long time and I was at a point in my life where I was trying to challenge my perception of who I am and what I am capable of. I wanted to expand as a person and working on Yoko Oh Yes! felt like a really good way to do that. I wasn’t sure how to go about the process so I just took my time collecting interviews from about January 2015-January 2017. There are nine women interviewed in Yoko Oh Yes! I originally sent the interview questions out to almost 30 people, so it ended up a lucky accident that not all of them replied or else the zine would have been like 200 pages!

It wasn’t until I started collaborating with Jessie and Bethany from Shut Up and Listen that the zine really began to take shape.  I know Jessie and Bethany through working at Rhino’s Youth Center, an after-school arts center for teenagers in Bloomington. They used to come in when they were in high school and do screenprinting, music, filmmaking, and radio. I was so impressed with them as teenagers, both in the quality of their work and the developed sense of artistry they had at such a young age. When they graduated and started doing Shut Up and Listen it made me so happy to see.  I like the idea of working with other women as much as possible and it’s really important to me to support young women in particular, so it was a no brainer to talk to them about collaborating when the time came to work on the design aspect of the zine. They did a great job and I highly recommend checking out their rad zine series Shut Up and Listen.

Yoko Oh Yes! will be available locally in Bloomington, Indiana at Landlocked Music as well as at the merch table at my shows- along with vinyl, tapes, cd’s and shirts. People can also find me on Instagram and DM me to get a copy of the zine. I’ll be working on getting them up on the store on my website as well. I’m really proud of this zine and can’t wait to share it!

Check out the cover image for Yoko Oh Yes and grab a copy for yourself at her 8/2 show with Yours Are the Only Ears and Bronze Float!

More Tour Dates:

7/31 – Philadelphia, PA @ LAVA Space

8/02 – Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville *

8/03 – Turners Falls, MA @ The Brick House

8/04 – Buffalo, NY @ Hostel Niagara

8/05 – Cleveland, OH @ Happy Dog

8/06 – Cincinnati, OH @ Wood Dungeon

8/10 – Bloomington, IN @ The Bishop +

9/14 – Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle ^

10/6 – Indianapolis, IN @ Fountain Square Music Festival

10/7 – Indianapolis, IN @ Fountain Square Music Festival

* w/ Yours Are The Only Ears

+ w/ Bugg & Jacky Boy

^ w/ Hoops & Lala Lala