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AdHoc Issue 23 Features Downtown Boys’ Victoria Ruiz and Titus Andronicus’ Patrick Stickles

What does a piece of music say about the person who made it?

AdHoc Issue 23 is here! Download a PDF of the zine at this link.

In AdHoc Issue 23, we hear from artists who build their art upon a framework of personal as well as cultural experience. Victoria Ruiz of Downtown Boys discusses the uphill battle she faces as “a brown, thick, femme frontperson,” especially in terms of the expectations placed upon her by audiences and journalists. Still, she notes, these pressures have “made me want to stand closer to the fire and be in this band even more, because I know that there are a lot of people in the world dealing with this experience.”

Elsewhere in the issue, Titus Andronicus‘ Patrick Stickles writes about the importance of all-ages venues in his personal and artistic development, and electronic musician Elysia Crampton talks about how the stories and traditions of the Aymara people have helped shaped her recordings. As with Ruiz, their work is grounded in unique personal experiences, relayed with an honesty and specificity that encourages listeners to contemplate their own experiences in similar ways.

AdHoc Issue 23’s contributors:

Patrick Stickles is the singer-songwriter-guitarist of Titus Andronicus. He wrote about all-ages venues for this issue.

Aubrey Nolan is a Queens-based illustrator, cartoonist, and host of the monthly reading series for cartoonists, Panels to the People. She made this issue’s illustrations.

Frankie Broyles is in the band Omni. He is a musician/designer from Atlanta, GA, and designed the cover for this issue.

Look out for physical copies both at our shows and at record stores, bookstores, coffee shops, and community centers throughout the city. If you happen to live outside of New York, you may order a copy as well.