AdHoc 28 Is Here – AdHoc

AdHoc 28 Is Here

Featuring Show Me the Body, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Sasami, CHRISTEENE, GothBoiClique, Lucy Dacus, Vagabon, and art by 555-5555. 

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We’re writing this from the official AdHoc outpost down south in North Carolina, and let us be the first to say that it’s hot as heck down here. We’ve been staying inside, glued to our air conditioners for the past few weeks, and while it’s nice to be able to know for certain that we’re in no danger of melting, we’ve still got the itch to get outside and take in the prime of Summer, no matter how much water we might have to chug along the way. Fortunately, we’ve got a smorgasbord of incredible shows coming up in Raleigh this August, from the party-garage-rock madness of King Khan and BBQ Show to the sweaty intensity of local heroes Truth Club. We’ve got great shows coming up in Detroit and New York, too—check out the back page to see what’s in store.

In a sense, AdHoc’s humble 28th issue is informed by the heat, if only because it is literally inescapable. In our Smells Like New York series, Show Me the Body’s Julian Cashwan looks back upon sweaty Saturday afternoons at ABC No Rio’s legendary all-ages hardcore matinees. Paul Soileau, b.k.a. CHRISTEENE, takes us through the best places to beat the heat in Austin, Texas. And for those who like to turn up the temperature in the kitchen, Sasami shares her recipe for post-tour Bokkeum-bap. In the interviews department, we’ve got Lucy Dacus discussing her new holidays-themed EP, Vagabon digging deep into the creative process that informed her new self-titled record, and GothBoiClique offering such jewels of advice as “travel light” and “Imma go lay down now.” After checking the temperature outside, we think we’ll do the same.

Cover by 555-5555. Design and illustrations by Caroline Vance.