AdHoc 27 Is Here – AdHoc

AdHoc 27 Is Here

Featuring Laraaji, Amen Dunes, Chai, Cherry Glazerr, Julian Lynch, Dilly Dally, and fiction by Zachary Lipez. 

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For some people, the start of a new calendar year is an opportunity to party and find someone to kiss. For others, it’s a bit more bittersweet—a reminder of time passing, and of all the things we want to accomplish while we’re still here on earth. Mostly, though, it’s a good time to hit the reset button—pinpointing the things that really matter to us, and letting those priorities tell us how we should live our lives.

Today, we’re excited to announce the 27th issue of AdHoc—and our first quarterly zine in 2019. We didn’t really set out with any particular editorial agenda; we just interviewed some of the artists we can’t stop listening to this year. But when we looked back at the mosaic of perspectives contained within these pages, we were struck by how many of the people you’re about to meet have a crystal-clear sense of what is important to them, whether that be connecting with the eternal present moment (Laraaji), redefining impossible beauty standards (Chai), deconstructing the male ego (Amen Dunes), or—in the case of Sam, the bartender-protagonist of Zachary Lipez’ new novella with Stacy Wakefield and Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner—reconnecting with the one who got away.

Of course, some of these stories will resonate with your own experience more than others—and you may think that journeying through the graffiti-laden underworld of Lower East Side nightlife to confront an inebriated ex is a terrible idea. But we hope that this zine will get you thinking about the things that feel non-negotiable in your own life. And in case you’re looking for a little diversion along the way, we’ve got you covered—specifically, with a guide to Los Angeles from Cherry Glazerr, life advice from Yeminite Israeli sisters A-Wa, a special crossword themed around women in music, and Dilly Dally’s favorite recipe for migas. Because whatever your goals for 2019 may be, eating a hearty breakfast is always a good place to start. 

Cover by Mary Regalado from Gauche/Downtown Boys. Design by Sharon Gong. Illustrations by Jake Terrell.