Aaron Dilloway and Bill Nace Team Up for the BAND EP – AdHoc

Aaron Dilloway and Bill Nace Team Up for the BAND EP

“The slower the clock, the nearer it approximated the infinitely gradual and majestic progression of cosmic time.” Such is the line by J.G. Ballard quoted by Matt Krefting as a metaphor for BAND EP, two collaborative 13-minute tracks between Aaron Dilloway and Bill Nace, originally released as a cassette on Krefting’s Silver Lining label last year. This vinyl reissue comes by way of Nace’s own Open Mouth Records. There is a lot of sinister and nightmarish music out there, but Dilloway in particular is one artist who consistently makes me believe that he might in fact practice occult magick, and whose tape loops might be considered arrestable witchcraft in certain parts of the world. Nace’s guitar work is indiscernible from Dilloway’s electronics, which makes the music that much more concealed and cryptic. Very few records live up to hair-raising status early Throbbing Gristle, but this record certainly approaches it. No word yet as to whether or not these two are going to tour together or put out a full length, but charge your sigils tonight and it could happen.

BAND EP is out now on Open Mouth Records in a limited run of 324 copies.