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Brooklyn is Burning Director A.F. Cortes on Heading Straight Into The Fire

AdHoc spoke with the director about how he hopes to capture the unity of the Brooklyn music scene at a time when the pandemic threatens to extinguish it for good.

Anjimile’s Hard-Won Optimism

Anjimile on his debut album, spirituality, and Aretha Franklin.

The End Is Just The Beginning on Oceanator’s ‘Things I Never Said’

Elise Okusami channels sci-fi’s greatest thinkers on the debut album for her solo project.

Dehd’s Flowers of Devotion

The Chicago trio’s sophomore record is a spacious, self-assured follow-up to their 2019 debut.

What’s in Your Fridge?

We asked six artists about their relationship with the food in their fridges during quarantine and here’s what they had to say.

Charmpit’s Debut Is A Scrappy Ode to the Friendships that Matter Most

The London punk quartet’s founding members discuss the mood board they created for their debut album, Cause A Stir, which perfectly captures the band’s spunky, DIY spirit.

On Miss Colombia, Lido Pimienta Has Her Eyes On The Crown

The Canadian-Colombian experimental artist’s latest album sees her ascend to new heights by being unapologetically herself.

Raveena Is Ready to Fall in Love With Herself

After writing a lot about heartbreak, the sweet-voiced R&B singer is leaving New York—and ready to explore a fuller range of emotions.

The Wants’ Debut Album is a Foreboding Meditation on What It Means To Be American

On Container, the post-punk trio weld together Detroit techno and New York punk in an homage to frontman Velding-VanDam’s Midwestern upbringing.

Dry Cleaning Help Make Sense Of Our Increasingly Chaotic World

Modern life gets reinterpreted by Dry Cleaning’s wry post-punk.

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